Reggaeton -

Probably the sexiest dance around!

You’ve heard the music, now learn the dance!  Dance with a partner or on your own.

In Cuba the two sexes often dance as separate groups and come out to challenge one another by showing off their dance skills.

Have fun learning this sensual, sexy dance with well-known, professional Cuban dance teacher, Damarys Farres, and professional dancer, Ramón Díaz Crosdale, from The Cuban School of Arts, London.

It will improve your salsa dancing skills as well, since being relaxed and using all of your body, is one of the things that distinguishes great dancers from the crowd.

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Taught by Damarya Farres and  Ramon Diaz Crosdale  Both expert dancers Trained in Havana, Cuba Also includes background information on  Reggaeton music.  The sequences are shown using the track   ‘Súbelo’ from Alex Wilson’s  ‘Inglaterra’ album. A Beginners Guide to Reggaeton
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