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Charles Wood produces and directs dance videos, and over the last 40 years has met some amazing people in the process. His interest in Caribbean and African dance started around 16 years old from collecting reggae music. Moving to London bought him into contact with Jamaicans in the 70’s and he lit many productions of Carl Campbell DC 7, along with anti-apartheid work in theatre and music, managing the MASS project theatres in Brixton. Visiting Lagos in 1976 made him long standing friends who have re-appeared in the UK since. Papa Noel (from The Congo, pictured left) amongst them.This was filmed while working with Cotó and Rey Crespo of Cuba.

In 1994 a chance agreement allowed Charles to go to Cuba, armed with the latest camera and lighting gear. Little came of that first trip artistically so Kerry Ribchester and he pooled experience and resources to return the following year and shoot “Salsa from Within Cuba” a huge stimulant to the Cuban dancing scene in London and the UK. Working with Tumi Music, Felix Baloy and Alex Wilson has produced many interesting projects since then. In 2013 , you can experience Cuba today!

A Selection of DVDs by Salsatap salsafromwithin felixbaloy 15.99 UKP each  Vocal Baobab 7.99 UKP each showmesalsa 4.99 UKP each reggaeton 5.99 UKP each
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