This DVD was originally put together as a promotion for Alex Wilson playing in Brighton at the Corn exchange. Salsatap invited teachers from the local clubs to assist by performing a short routine based around the song “Show Me” off the album Inglaterra.

It is a useful DVD for beginners, as it shows various ways of interpreting the song, using different salsa styles, influenced primarily by that teachers interests.

There is a whole “absolute beginners” section from Emmanuel and Rachel, and a performance of the whole song recorded elsewhere.

Tel: +44 (0) 1903 823 910 to ask any questions about this product.

Beginners taught by  Emmanuel Ogunniyi and Rachel Rodriguez Alonso  Both expert dancers. Katanga Salim   Teaches crossbody  styles in Brighton Show Me Salsa Leo Henriquez and  Claudine Baker teach Maníque (Little finger) Miguel Angel Plaza, Nicky Reed & Winnie Leung  teach with Salsa Magic Rachelle Mayo and  Anthony Hurlock  teach with Salsa Pimente
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