Two sections plus the great feel of Havana  The video is 1 hour and 5 minutes long   Suitable for beginners and intermediates Stage 1  Confidence in the basic steps  Feel the Rhythm  Accurate footwork  Latin look, feel and technique  Practice with the professionals Stage 2 The funky Cuban Casino Salsa style Casino Rhythm Smooth effortless turns Great posture How to lead and follow Relax and release Salsa Party - outrageous Salsa performance and live band in old Havana Casino dancing to the modern Timba sound. Salsa From Within Cuba is now available to watch free: My first video shot in Cuba, many of you will not have seen this. I am a director and editor, not really a cameraman but this is interesting visually nevertheless! Quite a romantic first view of Cuba! Donations will maintain the presence of the website  and videos…it costs us money even if you watch it free! Email: