Here is a list of the demonstrated moves:

 1) Dile que no, 2) Casino, 3) Son, 4) Vacila, 4) Enchufla, 5) Enchufla y quédate, 6) Pasea

1. Dile que no por atrás, 2. Tropicana / abajo, 3. Un tarro, 4. Vacúnala, 5. Por atrás, 6. Casino, 7. Enchufla y quédate

8. Dame, 9. Dame dos, 10. La prima, 11. La prima con la hermana, 12. Setenta, 13. Dos con dos, 14. Enchufla pa’arriba (1)

15. Panque simple, 16. Yogur doble, 17. Pelota uno, 18. Pelota dos, 19. Enchufla pa’arriba (2), 20. Dos con dos pa’arriba

21. Pasa el pie, 22. Vacila con España, 23. Patín, 24. Panque pa’abajo, 25. Complícate, 26. Pa’arriba, 27. Enchufla al medio, 28. Rosa


Ochenta y ocho , Setenta y uno, Mariposa, Media naranja, Enchufla doble por atrás

The DVD starts with a rolling introduction about Cuba.  This has visually stunning images from Cuba which is beautifully accompanied by Rumba music. which will then take you straight to the teaching of how to do that move from four angles. 14.99 UKP each

" This DVD is addictive, each time I look at it, I just have to check one more move...and an hour has passed. The interactivity is easy and the whole DVD is fascinating"

“John Warr, salsa DJ”

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This is a fantastically detailed DVD with 192 pieces of dance video, about 2.5 hours of video altogether. It was professionally shot and edited with music written specially for it. Both main music tracks are often heard in clubs, and the slower one is on Alex Wilson's own album by licence from Salsatap. At £14.99 this represents one of the best value DVDs for Cuban salsa you will buy.